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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2012 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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commission where are in the acquisition of the india basin properties, also known as 900 and its ave. i will not read the entire letter. i hope it will be included in the record and the information that i included with that. i wanted to talk about something -- it expound on one sentence that i said which the department should not be shy about using eminent domain to acquire these properties. i know that is the shock word. i honestly feel the only way that this city is going is through eminent domain. the fact that the property owner was well aware of community
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support for this city acquisition of this and he chose to give it, and that is why it included the great deeds, so that is not speculation on my point. he gave it to the tenderloin housing clinic. for the tenderloin housing clinic to come around and say we will sell it for $17 million, when they did not pay a penny for it, it seems to me, you would have quite a hard time making a case for that. i went through the public records. the assessed value of these properties is 1.5 -- a little over $1.5 million. of that, $1.4 million is the assessment by the tenderloin housing clinic. way that this city is going to acquire these propertiessince yd diva only cost to the property for them was to make this approval so that the owner could get his ira's tax deductions. i may respectfully suggest there was incentive to inflate those property values.
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i am not a conspiracy theorist. i will let you come to your own conclusion. how i specifically asked for three things from this commission. an action item be placed on the agenda of the capital committee and commission for their august meetings, to make 900 ennis avenue the top priority for acquisition. no money be spent out of the open space acquisition fund until the commission comes up with a priority list of projects for acquisition. that comes up because i was very surprised to read that, evidently, the noe valley people
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will already commit to their town square project. i know that that acquisition is not even on the roster to be considered. i do not have any doubt that it will be if the process starts, but i am really concerned that money seems to be committed and that puts herself in the position where -- >> i think your time is up. we get the point, thank you. >> richard fong. >> this is a different issue. it has been brought to my attention that they have a security safety issue at the betty ann ong center. they have a facilitator and one other person to look after the entire area. the part that was brought to me has one part, on location,
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security, surveillance cameras that can be placed on this site. they do not have that yet. as i was thinking about it, i did not get a chance to talk with terry yet, the area part,cameras, when they also be placed in other facilities, such as north beach, and joe dimaggio, and other places where there is a centralized way to look at the land every without having to constantly patrol? that is one point. the other part has to do with are you going to increase pork patrol officers at chinatown or do you try to get the sfpd from central briefing to beef up patrols? they do not have enough people. only two. you have a facilitator and then another worker and there are a lot of rooms, and they cannot
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cover everything. i would like to recommend that the surveillance cameras and that kind of activity can be placed at specific sites at the chinese recreation center when d other sites where there would be a centralized area with a supervisor. thank you. >> thank you. >> just me again. simple resident from san francisco wanting to enjoy his recreation activities in a manner that is historical and has been going on for hundreds of years, but here we have these people asserting themselves into our government. i just want to ask them one question. 50 horse stalls generate potentially $400 to $500 each
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per month. that is $25,000 a month you guys blow out your you know what -- >> if you cannot keep this to a simple conversation, we are not interested in hearing it. this is a public meeting where we are trying to have constructive comments. >> if you cannot debate the facts and then go after the person talking about them. $300,000 a year you blow away with your supposedly new fandango the way of doing things. we do things differently in san francisco. just putting a different wrapper on rip-off, aren't you? yes, that is all you are doing. for years, we have read the
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papers and they said x, y, z, equestrians tables to be rehabilitated. we watched that in the papers for about four years. at the time, it was a general manager. you know what i'm talking about. you keep saying a word diversity. you know what it sounds like? the worst city. the worst city. thank you. >> is there any other public comment? being none, public comment is closed. general calendared. item five, the san francisco zoo. >> i am more coming up as a
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feminist zoo's director. we have a short power point as we and our fiscal year. i thought i would give a quick review of some of our monthly attendance numbers and perhaps with your help we can predict trends for the future. attendance, thankfully, above projection for most funds. you can see in march, we were negative 1.5 for the month of march. june we became so much smarter and brighter, and sunnier skies. 60% over budget. for the year we are 816,000 visitors. that is nearly 100,000 improvement from last year's attendance. thank you again. the big number we wanted to make was 800,000, and we did it. other interesting data. we are in a lease management
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agreement. it requires that certain days are free for san francisco residents. we are happy to report that we were able to host 12 of those days this year. over 43,000 residents came in for free. over 21,000 public-school students came in for free. every other year we offer free membership for our public school teachers. this is the highest we have had on that. over 800 teachers took advantage of that membership. all the three days are posted on our website. the next day is wednesday august 1. this saturday is a march of the penguins. this is our annual event where the penguin chicks leave the penguin colony at the avian conservation center and joined the adults. they literally march through. it is a very popular event. they marched through the zoo,
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excuse me. members can come in one hour early. we will have a naming contest. i believe two have already been named. a lot of fun. come see our penguin chicks. i wanted to show that our employees very much wanted to participate in the pride parade this year, and so they built this themselves to that is my husband's tahoe pulling it. we use old party favors. there are our two gay penguins. maybe next year it will be more professional, but we did not have much time. our thanks for letting us do it. and we will also have a temporary video are installation in the old pachyderm building. we have refreshed the western side of it with exterior paint,
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upgraded the asphalt and exterior, and then we are putting a wall within a wall, and we will have a video installation where it extinct animals and other animals at the zoo could mingle together. hopefully, we can prevent further extension and get folks to think about that. we have a new bobcat. there he is. the exhibit is that the grotto across from the snow leopard. a very popular event. we always have a crowd in front of him. and he likes to stay at the top of the stump. it is the reuse of an era that had been closed. it had been old liquor storage. it is now a new exhibit and we are thrilled to have him at the exhibit. olympic fever. we decided to embrace the olympics.
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we have zoo games and activities. 10 stations. we hope to get kids moving. we want to educate them about animal behavior. we try to compare animal behavior to that of humans. kids will also receive a free activity book that will encourage wellness and activity. some examples of the stations. leaping like mlemurs, the tongue twister with the anteater. a lot of fun. further example of the great activities of the hour now retired president of marketing. she has now left the zoo. we wanted to thank her for her 30 years of service. i also want to thank president tool for helping us center off
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on a good front. so with that, i and my report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> just two seconds. bill wilson. if you have not been to the march of the penguins, you should consider going. it is one of those events -- i want to say only in san francisco, but i'm sure other cities have penguins. what is so unique is you really understand how personality comes across in these animals because -- i have been to several and there are no two that are the same, no two penguin chicks that are the same period a really assert their personality. it is a great time and everybody has fun. >> is there any other public comment? being none, public comment is closed. item six. waving notice period under commission's naming policy and
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renaming middle drive east in golden gate park. >> good morning, commissioners. director of policy and public affairs. it is my honor to be here today to ask for your approval to rename middle drive east in golden gate park in honor of nancy pelosi. many of you were with us on on y 21 when mayor ed lee announced his intent to ask for your approval to rename this half mile stretch of road which connects martin luther king jr. drive to john f. kennedy drive. it was remarkable times that that would be a fitting location for leader pelosi's name to be placed. we have got some pictures scrolling if you want to go to
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the monitor. as san franciscans, i'm sure you are aware of many of leader pelosi's accomplishments. i will not keep us here all morning in emerging them, but i want to hit a few highlights. elected to congress in 1987, she became the first female speaker of the house in 2007. i do not think many of us will forget the image of her surrounded by all those children as she walked. burger quarter century of service, leader policy led the fight to convert the presidio to a park, ensured over three and half million dollars -- excuse me, billion dollars in relief to the city of san francisco after the loma credo earthquake. in 2010, led congress in appealing the military don't ask, don't tell policy. while she has been exceptionally busy in washington, she has not lost focus on those of us back in san francisco and has fought for the redevelopment of both the hunters point shipyard and treasure island and has been a dedicated volunteer to the growth in golden gate park. as a mother of five and grandmother of eight, she frequently visits golden gate park. at the ceremony on the 21st,
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brought a scrapbook of photos of her family, which was quite touching. for these reasons and more, the mayor has asked this commission to consider renaming middle drive east in honor of nancy pelosi. before we turn it over to public comment, i would like to ask my colleague the call to come and speak on behalf of mayor ed lee. >> good afternoon, president, commissioners. it is so nice to be here today to speak on behalf of mayor lee and in support of this item before you. i know the mayor had a chance to write all of you a letter and speak to some of you personally. sarah just outlined many of leader pelosi's contributions to the city, but to reiterate, this item is before you today to recognize and celebrate leader pelosi's 25 years of distinguished service as our representative. she has given so much back to the city, preserving and protecting our open space,
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expanding our transportation, and ensuring our residents have affordable housing. she has shared so many of our values here in san francisco on a national scale. she led the way on health care reform, hiv aids funding, she has led the way on equality for all. she has created, as numbers of jobs, and all while accomplishing all of that, she also managed to be elected the first female speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, making her a role model to many. that is why it is a personal honor and privilege to be here today to communicate to you that the mayor whole lot of the supports this item before you today and encourages you to pursue whatever action is necessary to ensure its final adoption. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> we do have public comment on this item. gene morrison.
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>> nancy pelosi had done a wonderful job representing san francisco and reported to us what is happening in congress. she devotes a lot of time here. she is also supporting our positions all over the united states. she probably sleeps more on their plan and in beds because she is constantly traveling here and there to help somebody get elected. the first woman speaker. that is very important to people like me. that is about all i had to say. i want to thank the commissioners for listening to us. it is considered a great honor to be a commissioner but we forget about how much time you have to spend listening to us. i think we should make it nancy pelosi drive. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> harrison lim.
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charles. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. my name is harrison lim. before i retired, i was a social worker in san francisco more than 35 years. i know nancy pelosi, not because she is a high-ranking officer, but as a committed servant to this great city, and have seen all the great work that she has done for san francisco. i believe it is a great idea to name a drive in golden gate park in her honor. she deserves it. she has secured federal funding to help develop and transform
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san francisco into a world-class city, such as the presidio is well-kept and maintained. treasure island is a living tourist attraction. hunters point will have a bright future, too. this is all because of nancy pelosi's effort. i know that she has also secured money for training and placement programs. this is important for low income families and immigrants. her love of golden gate park is there. she took her children there to play when they were young. her heart is in san francisco. she cares for people.
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i have seldom seen such a high- ranking political figure who was so concerned and connected to the local community. again, i stronglyi have seldom . thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. i am here to oppose this based on -- let's take a look at the situation. i have been back in san francisco for the last two years. i was born here. i have looked into government and i have seen a lot of corruption. this board have violation sent to the ethics commission for violating the sunshine act. right now we have a situation before us where you want to
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ratify acts that have already been taken. there is a support sign up thats nancy pelosi drive. there was a dedication ceremony. what are you people tried to pull over the eyes of people in san francisco? no matter how good this idea is, as an occupier, i have learned process is important when you forget it. when you forget it, you get corruption. you get a lot of corruption. we have of mayor, a member of the bar that is not entitled to practice law, perjuring himself according to the head of the democratic party. every department i look into is run in this fashion. you railroad and roughshod run over the people of san francisco, and i will show you why. in this situation, that middle road has two roads next to it named john f. kennedy and martin luther king, both assassinated
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martyrs for civil rights. and you dare to suggest nancy pelosi at this point? you should name the zoo after her. that would be nice. how about the beach chalet fields as in this city, we have a martyr who was assassinated, the mayor who was a civil rights worker and an advocate in the gay community. it should be harvey milk drive. thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm the executive director of the national aids memorial grove. it's an honor to speak before the commissioner and general ed
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-- general manager. like to a knowledge the relationship you have had. 25 years ago, when nancy pelosi was running for office, this city had lost nearly 15,000 of its residents. the impact upon the community was profound. on that run, she knew there was not a voice in government, there is not anybody standing up speaking on behalf of what was needed to move on for word. most importantly, she gave voice to those in those cities that needed it. fast forward five years later, the growth of was founded. over the last 25 years, we have had the honor of hosting nancy pelosi honor 10-year, 20 year, and 25-year anniversaries or she commemorated those milestones with citizens of san francisco and those that needed a voice. this last april 21, we celebrated her 25th anniversary
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in that growth. after the advent, alice wrestle shapiro left a voicemail on my phone network saying we have all these years nome, look at and honored the work she has done for the grove but when she was scheduled to be with us for just an hour and after three hours she was still there with the volunteers. the growth delivers something very special to nancy as well. she has left her impact on that space, on this community, and she has fought tirelessly for those that did not have a voice and needed a voice. i cannot think of a better person and more fitting location then to name middle drive nancy pelosi drive. it buffet's the national aids memorial grove and the city and county should be so honored that she stood up, wrote the legislation in this city has one of 43-memorials. i strongly support this. >> thank you.
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>> [reading names] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i speak on behalf of the san francisco interface council and myself in support of the resolution before you. that resolution details the achievements of san francisco by nancy pelosi in her 25 years in the house of representatives. in addition to those monumental achievements, the san francisco office is a model of service to constituents. she is truly are rep. the resolution also does not say what she has done over the years in bringing people of different faiths back together. this helps organizations like
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mine to find consensus among the multiple states on issues of common concern. congresswoman nancy pelosi is a peacemaker in the best sense of that term. having her name on a driving golding gate park, particularly the one which connects the john f. kennedy drive with martin luther king drive sends a message that is both important and upon for get and all. thank you very much. -- unforgettable. >> good morning. i'm a retired navy commander and i served for 23 years in the navy but also worked on the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, and i'm here to support renaming middle drive to nancy pelosi drive. congresswoman nancy pelosi was the leader to repeal a don't
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ask, don't tell. in the waning hours of that congress, to getting it repealed and to happen was proven largely by her leadership and she's been a champion to the lgbt community here in san francisco and nationwide. i think it's a fitting tribute to name it after nancy pelosi. there are so few streets named after women in this city and i can think of no more fitting women than to have a street named after her. i urge you to waive the notice and support the naming of the drive. thank you. >> thank you. >> [reading names] >> i'm the vice president's programs with the clinic consortium, a partnership of 10 non-profit primary-care clinics that serve almost 100,000 san
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franciscans annually and we are wholeheartedly in support of this motion. you have heard all of the great work she has done over the years, particularly in the health care realm. she has been a tireless supporter of the ryan white services act which has provided hiv and aids services to countless san franciscans and people around the country. more recently, she has been a key leader in the implementation of the affordable care act which will help to transform our health-care system and improve its quality and reduce the cost of care. she has been a huge supporter of the consortium and our efforts to bring health care services to low-income and underserved san franciscans. for that reason, we support the motion. thank you.